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Wine Adore Pairing Dinners kicks off 2022 with a carefully curated wine pairing dinner at The COMO Dempsey Cookhouse on Friday the 21st of January 2022. For an Asian inspired European Cuisine pairing.  Reservations can be made for 18:30, 19:00 19:30 and 20:00. So please let us know what time you will be coming once you have made the reservations.

When appropriately paired, wine and food have the ability to enhance each other’s flavours, making them more pronounced, and render the entire taste experience a more satisfying and enjoyable one.

The menu is a creation of Lisa Revilla-Thien made executive chef by Michelin-starred Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten at The Dempsey Cookhouse & Bar.  

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Madai fish, Citrus, Chili, Coriander

Wine 2: Alvarinho Muros de Melgaco 2019 (4.3 vivino)

Tiger Prawns with chili butter and micro herbs

Wine 3: Quinta da Bacalhoa White 2019 (4.2 vivino)

Sesame crusted sea trout, sautéed spinach, olive and Passion Fruit  

Wine 4: Guarda Rios Gold Edition 2019 (4.0 vivino)

Grilled pork chop, crunchy potatoes, tangy-spicy stewed peppers & chives,

Wine 5: Tapada Do Chaves Reserva (4.3 vivino)


DESSERT: Creme Caramel
Creme Caramel, minted orange

Wine 6: Quinta do Javali 10-year-Old Tawny Port (4.1 vivino)


The Wineries

Murganheira (Beira, Tavara-Varosa Region)


Murganheira vineyards and caves are located in the Varosa Valley in the Beira region. The blue granite caves provide the perfect environment for maturation of the wines. Murganheira uses Dégorgement à la Volée a manual process to remove fermentation which is unique in the country. With great depth of character and aroma, Murganheira sparkling wines are produced from Malvasia Fina, Gouveio Real, Cerceal, Chardonnay, Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Tinta Roriz, and Pinot Noir grape varieties.


Anselmo Mendes (Vinho Verde Region)


Anselmo Mendes is recognised not only for the excellence of the wines he produces but also for the surprising and consistent way he innovates. Combining the use of age-old techniques, such as fermentation on skins, with bold winemaking methods such as the fermentation of Alvarinho in oak casks, he is established in Portugal and abroad with an original design and his own identity Anselmo Mendes wines are the result of a long, faithful connection to the land, an experimentalist and studious spirit and a philosophy of respect for the ecosystem that translates into methods of integrated production.


Quinta da Bacalhoa (Peninsula de Setubal Region)


In 1936 the Bacalhoa Palace was bought and restored by Orlena Scoville. She passionately planted vines and made some incredible wines. Due to the mircro-climate and soil within the Peninsula de Setubal region the Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes have adapted wonderfully. The first wines were produced in 1976 and as these same vines have aged the quality of the wines have been improving year on year. Attaining 94 points on Wine Enthusiast for the Bacalhoa Cabernet Sauvignon in 2017.


Monte da Ravasqueira (Alentejo Region)


Situated just outside the historical city of Arraiolos Monte da Ravasqueira was founded in 1943. D. Manuel de Mello dedicated himself to agriculture, planting the vineyards and the enrichment of the Lusitano Horse Breed. Monte da Ravasqueira consequently bred several world champion horses for world  coupling competitions. Monte da Ravasqueira sustainable growth has now made it a household name in the Alentejo known for its diverse wine profiles as well as some of the most exclusive wines of the Alentejo.


Tapada do Chaves (Alentejo Region)

The history of Tapada do Chaves goes back to the beginning of the 20th century, when the Chaves family planted the first vineyards on the slopes of the Serra de São Mamede, on the border with Spain in 1901 for the red wines and in 1903 for the white wines. Located in the parish of Frangoneiro, on the outskirts of Portalegre, Tapada do Chaves, accumulates more than a century of existence and has assumed a prominent role in the creation of the region demarcated in the Alentejo with its wines of protected origin.

Quinta do Javali (Douro Region)


Quinta do Javali is the first fully biodynamic winery in the Douro. It sits on the left bank of the Douro river in the parish Nagozelo do Douro – S. Joao da Pesqueira. A location known for production of the finest wine and port wine. Antonio Mendes is the viticulturist, winemaker and owner of Quinta do Javali alongside his  father-in-law who loved port wine so much he bought the estate so he could make port just the way he likes it. During our tasting we had a 10-hour lunch and tried over 26 wines!

This is a boutique winery making big wines!

The Sparkling Wine

Murganheira Super Reserva Bruto 2015

Pairing: Aperitif is a great way to open up the palate for a delicious and delicate meal. The ideal wine for this is fresh, crisp and light. The bubble release will get you ready to embark on this wine journey with us.

Intro: The Super Reserva Bruto is made from some of the finest grapes in the Beira region. With 2015 being an exceptional year this has made a superb gastronomic sparkling wine.

Region: Beira, Tavora-Varosa D.O.C

Winery: Murganheira

Grapes: Malvasia Fina, Cerceal e Tinta Roriz

Aging: 4 years in bottle with annual batonnage

Tasting Notes: Clear with a fine and persistent bubble release. Clean citrus in colour. Very harmonious aromas with vanillic notes. In the mouth it is delicate and elegant with a lingering finish which is hallmark of its balance

ABV: 13.2% Serving Temp: 8-10


The White Wines


Anselmo Mendes, Muros de Melgaco 2019 (Vinho Verde Region)

Pairing: The light and crisp single vineyard, single grape Alvarinho will pair wonderfully with the Ceviche dish matching in intensity and freshness of the dish. The subtle caramel notes of this dry wine will offset the tanginess of the Ceviche too.

Intro: White wine made from grapes of Alvarinho variety produced exclusively in Melgaço. The vineyards are on southfacing hillsides with high maturation and high levels of acidity. Over the years it has become a reference in Portugal for its elegance, class and consistency.

Region: Vinho Verde, Moncao & Melgaco (D.O.C)

Winery: Anselmo Mendes

Grapes: Alvarinho (100%)

Aging: 6 Months in French Oak Barrels

Tasting Notes: On the nose is austere, mineral with hints of caramel. The mouth attack is frank, dry and very fresh. Long end.

ABV: 13%    Serving Temp: 10-12 °C


Quinta da Bacalhoa Branco 2019

Pairing: The Quinta da Bacalhoa white from the Peninsula de Setubal is a wine made for seafood dishes such as the wonderful sesame crusted Sea Trout. The subtle sweetness from the Sauvignon Blanc & Semillon grape will pair wonderfully with the chili butter sauce. Whilst the Alvarinho grape adds freshness and a lively acidity that pairs perfectly with the fish.


Intro: Bacalhoa is the name of the palace where the vines for this wine is grown.

Region: Peninsula de Setubal

Winery: Bacalhoa

Grapes: Alvarinho, Sauvignon Blanc & Semillon

Aging: 5 months in new French Oak

Tasting Notes: This wine has a straw yellow color with greenish tonalities. Fruity aromas with complex characters revealing notes of passion fruit, grapefruit, apricot, linden tea, and honey. An elegant mouth feel and strong body. It is a DEEP, SOPHISTICATED and COMPLEX wine.

ABV: 13.5%  Service Temp: 10-12C


The Red Wines

Guarda Rios Gold Edition 2019 

Pairing: Matching Seafood with a red wine isn’t always the common approach. The Guarda Rios Gold Edition is an incredibly smooth wine with a medium body whose intensity will not outshine the dish. The acidity will cut through the fish and the red fruit notes will add a wonderful new dimension to this pairing

Intro: The name means King Fisher due to the presence of these birds on the estate as well as the fact they are migratory birds which flew in like the wine maker when he joined MR.

Region: Alentejo (V.R)

Winery: Monte da Ravasqueira

Grapes: Aragones, Syrah & Alicante Bouschet

Aging: 10 months in French Oak Barrels

Tasting Notes: Dark and deep colour. Intense nose with spicy notes and notes of wild berries, forest, and a touch of vanilla. The combination of Syrah with, the typical, Alicante Bouschet and Aragonês, gives this wine a very own identity and a balance between the ripe fruit and freshness. With the identity of the region well present, it also brings modernity in its profile.

ABV: 13.5% Serving Temp: 16-18 °C 



Tapada do Chaves Reserva 2014


Pairing: Tapada do Chaves wines comes from the Alentejo region. Wildboar and pork dishes paired with wine has been done for millenia and this wine is made for these kind of dishes. Expect the wine to lift the subtle flavours of the pork with the velvety yet structured tannins crush through the tenderness of the meat.

Intro: Brimming with superb potential, elegant and full bodied, the Tapada do Chaves wines are specifically geared towards lovers of rare and truly extraordinary wines.

Region: Alentejo, Portalegre (D.O.C)

Winery: Tapada do Chaves  Vineyards: Malhadas, Moutas & Old Vineyard (1901)

Grapes: Aragonez, Trincadeira & Alicante Bouschet

Aging: 12 months in Portuguese & French Oak barrels plus 24 months in bottle prior to release

Tasting Notes: Deep garnet in colour, with an intense and full aroma, dominated by forest fruit and black fruit, with light smoky hints. Well-structured on the palate, with strong tannins, full-bodied and firm acidity. Its intense fruitiness appears alongside spicy and smooth balsamic sensations. Extremely complex, fruity and very elegant persistent finish.

ABV: 15%  Serving Temp: 18°C  Decant: 1-2hrs

ABV: 14.5%  Decant: 1hr+

The Port Wine


Quinta do Javali 10 Year Old Port Wine 

Pairing: The Tawny Port has wonderful caramel, nuts and spice flavours that perfectly complement the Orange and mint. The high alcohol content balances the creaminess of the dish.


Intro: When Antonios father-in-law bought the vineyards, it was to make Port wine just the way he liked them. The fully biodynamic range of Port wines were some of the best we tried in Portugal, the kind of wines where one glass was never enough.

Region: Douro (D.O.C)

Winery: Quinta do Javali

Grapes: Tinta Roriz, Touriga Franca, Touriga Nacional, Tinto Cão e Tinta Barroca.

Aging: Minimum 10 years in French Oak Barrels

Tasting Notes: Very brown color, with shades of mahogany. Nose characterized by aromas of figs, pharmacy, with balsamic notes and already hints of a slight vinagrinho, from aging in the Douro Valley. We should also emphasize the notes of cigar box and varnished wood. Mouth very balanced, with silky texture, captivating and refreshing at the acidic component. They confirm the notes of figs and honey, combined with an elegant structure and persistent.

ABV: 19.5%  Serving Temp: 12-14 °C 



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