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QIN Restaurant & Bar - Friday 8th July - Clan Hotel (5 Star) Available Times 7:00pm - 7:30pm - 8:00pm

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QĪN Restaurant & Bar - Clan Hotel (5 Star) -  8th July
(Friday) 2022 @7pm 

QĪN, located along Cross Street, one of Singapore's proudest preservations
known for its history and heritage. Each dish on the menu here celebrates the
culinary culture of the past with an exemplary twist, serving reimagined
Chinese classics like the Siphon Mushroom Tea, Chilli Crab Crostini and ‘Sang
Mein’. Nostalgic snapshots here go beyond the plate – the restaurant interior
also presents a rustic rendition of Asian décor, rightfully elevated with a
generous view of the city.

Executive Chef: James Tay - Singapore 

Executive Chef of QĪN Restaurant & Bar, spent over 20 years honing his
culinary skills. With a penchant for traveling coupled with the love for
cuisine, these laid the foundation and inspiration behind his creations.

Having started his career at a young age, he had the opportunity to be exposed
to traditional delicacies. With a desire to keep traditions for generations to
come, he relentlessly upgrades his skill set to embrace modernity. His
philosophy of retaining the originality of classics while injecting a new lease
of life with modern cooking techniques has impressed many.

Featured Publications:

  • Passion Chefs
  • Female Magazine
  • Growth Well Foods
  • Tatler Edge Singapore 


Note: Free Flow Add-on Limited for Primary Wines Only Until 09:30pm


Wine 1: Murganheira Vintage 2011 – VIVINO 4.0

1st Dish: Amuse - Crispy Tendon, Mala Beef Tartare

Wine 2: Casa do Santar Reserva White 2018 – VIVINO 4.2

2nd Dish: Scallop - Laksa Bubbles, Pineapple Salsa


Premium Wine Wine Package - Javali Maria Luisa 2018 – VIVINO 4.5

Wine 3: Cabriz Rose 2020 - VIVINO 3.7

3rd Dish: Fennel Broth - Khulbarra Barramundi, Ginger
Flower, Szechuan Pepper oil

Wine 4: Javali Clos Fonte do Santo Red Cap 2018 - VIVINO

4th Dish: Lap Mei - Japanese Pearl Rice, Shiitake, Lap
Cheong Trio - Sweet, Mala, Chorizo

Wine 5: RCV, Quinta dos Aciprestes Grande Reserva 2015 -
Vivino Rating 4.3

5th Dish: Dorper Lamb - Purple Curry Beetroot Puree,
Hermitage Red Wine Jus


Premium Red Wine Package - Javali Maria Luisa 2017 - VIVINO 4.6

6th Wine: Javali Ruby Special Reserve - Vivino 3.7

6th Dish: French Catalan S.E.A - French Toast, Coconut Crema Catalan, 10 Year Aged Tangerine Peel


Wine 2: Casa de Santar Reserva 2018 White (Dao - South of Douro)
Vivino 4.2 - S$54.50

Intro: A classic Dão. A white full of elegance, born
to be eternal and timeless, like all classics. With an impressive capacity for
evolution in the bottle, this wine is a white for meals, but also a white for
sharing. A traditional wine for unforgettable moments.

Region: Dao (D.O.C)

Winery: Casa de Santar

Grapes: 50% Encruzado, 30% Bical, 20% Cerceal Branco

Aging: 6 months on French oak barrels.

Tasting Notes: Defined citrine with greenish tones. On
the nose fresh, with predominance in citric, exotic and complexity notes. In
the mouth it is fresh, fruity, unctuous, complex and persistent.

ABV: 13.5%  Serving Temp: 8-12 °C  Pairing: Grilled red & white meats, Fish dishes,   Can be used as an appetizer too


Wine 3: Cabriz | Rose | 2020 | Doc Dao - 3.7 vivino

Intro: From perfect proposals for everyday life, such
as the “Selected Colheita” (red, white and rosé), to more premium wines, such
as the white and red Reservas, Cabriz also presents wines that follow current
trends, with the Biologics (white and red) and two varietals of the emblematic
Touriga Nacional do Dão: a red with a young profile, and an innovative white
wine, made with this red grape variety.

The brand's portfolio is completed with a range of sparkling wines – icons of
the brand and of the region – and a limited production liqueur.

Region: Dao (D.O.C)

Winery: Cabriz

Grapes: Touriga Nacional, Alfrocheiro

Aging: At least 2 months in bottle prior to release

Tasting Notes: Set pink color. Intense in fresh red
fruits, predominant in cherry, strawberry, blueberry and raspberry. Intense
fresh red fruits, predominantly cherry, strawberry, blueberry and raspberry.
Fruity, notorious mouth volume, soft and crunchy freshness that gives it
persistence and longevity.

ABV: 12.5%  Serving Temp: 8 °C    Pairing: Mediterranean cuisine, Indian and Chinese
dishes. As an aperitif or leisure


Wine 4: Javali | Clos Fonte Do Santo Red Capsule | Red | 2018 | Doc
Douro - Vivino Rated 4.0 - S$73.50

Intro: The Clos line at Quinta do Javali demonstrates the
purity, respect and uniqueness of the expression of the Fonte do Santo terroir,
in Ervedosa do Douro, from the vineyard to the glass. Our wine community is
loving this wine many calling it a juicy ‘Pinot Noir’ style wine a rare profile
for Douro wines.

Region: Douro (D.O.C)

Winery: Quinta do Javali  Vineyard:
Clos Fonte do Santo (‘Stone’)

Grapes: 30+ Varietals from old vines of at least 65 years
of age

Aging: 12 months in old French Oak barrels

Tasting Notes: Ruby colour, like cap coloration. Nose
with strong fruity expression of ripe red fruits, such as strawberries,
blackberries and red plums. The location of the vines that originate the Red
Capsule is responsible for a slightly longer maturation, causing the sensorial
perception of more matured red fruits, with some very balanced structure. The
minerality conferred by the terroir of Fonte do Santo allows an elegant

ABV: 12.5%  Serving Temp: 14-16°C  Pairing: Paella, Grilled Fish, Roast Chicken


Wine 5: Quinta Dos Acipreste | Grande Reserva | Red | 2015 | Doc
Douro I Vivino 4.3 S$103.50

Intro: The Quinta dos Aciprestes Grande Reserva reflects
the best that this famous quinta has to offer. Born in the great vintage of
2007, we seek to produce a wine that will present us with the finest aromatic
structure, concentration and complexity.

Region: Douro (D.O.C)

Winery: Real Companhia Velha

Grapes: Touriga Nacional & Touriga Franca

Aging: 18 months in new French Oak

Tasting Notes: It is young and lively, with a
beautiful deep garnet colour and a fantastic aromatic complexity of black and
red berries with hints of oak from its 18 months ageing in oak. Very balanced
and fruitful, with ripe red berry flavours, typical of Quinta dos Aciprestes.
Its structure is overwhelming, revealing harmony on the palate yet
simultaneously intense, powerful and elegant, resulting in a majestic,
everlasting finish.

ABV: 14%  Serving Temp: 18°C  Decant: 1hr  Pairing: Lamb, Venison, Goat Cheese


Wine 6: Javali | Ruby Special Reserve Port | Doc Douro (New Release)

Intro: When Antonios father-in-law bought the vineyards, it
was to make Port wine just the way he liked them. The fully biodynamic range of
Port wines were some of the best we tried in Portugal, the kind of wines where
one glass was never enough.

Region: Douro (D.O.C)

Winery: Quinta do Javali

Grapes: Tinta Roriz, Touriga Franca, Tinto Cão, Touriga
Nacional and Tinta Barroca.

Aging: Minimum 2 years in French Oak Barrels

Tasting Notes: Intense ruby color. Nose dominated by
red fruit notes with hints of ripe aromas of plums and figs alicorados. In the
mouth, again find themselves aromas of ripe fruit, especially plums. The
structure is engaging, with a presence worthy of a booking.

ABV: 20%    Serving Temp: 14-16 °C  Pairing: Intense cheeses such as Roquefort
and   Stilton. Poached Pears. Red fruit crumble. Dark   Chocolate Cake, Blackberry Cheesecake


Premium Wine Bolt On Package 

Premium Wine 1: White 

Quinta Do Javali | Maria Luisa | White 2018 | Doc Douro - Vivino
Rating 4.5 - S$242.50

Intro: The Maria Luisa brand is the top tiered wine from
Quinta do Javali, named after Antonio's wife and daughter. Made from the very
best parcels within the vineyard. (319 bottles produced)

Region: Douro (D.O.C)

Winery: Quinta do Javali

Grapes: Viosinho & Arinto

Aging: 12 months in old French Oak with battonage

Tasting Notes: Golden color resulting from the
maceration process. Peculiar and challenging nose. It has a strong aromatic
intensity, with notes of fruit of very mature yellow flesh (quince), amplified
by the skin maceration. Highlights include notes of caramelized orange peel,
crystallized honey, dried fruits and slight earthy and resinous suggestions. To
support this aromatic richness fruit of a terroir of
excellence, there are harmonious sweet notes of the barrel used of high
quality. In the mouth, it is surprising the "acid nerve", which
combines a remarkable acidic freshness with some admirable mature & smooth
tannins,Persistence in the mouth is very long, with a positively mineral

ABV: 13.5%  Serving temp: 12-14°C  Pairing: Scallops, Escargot, Spicy dishes, Fish


Premium Wine 2: Red 

Quinta Do Javali | Maria Luisa | Red 2017 | Doc Douro | S$240.50 -
Vivino 4.6 

Intro: The Maria Luisa brand is the top tiered wine from
Quinta do Javali, named after Antonio's wife and daughter. Made from the very
best parcels within the vineyard. (605 bottles produced)

Region: Douro (D.O.C)

Winery: Quinta do Javali

Grapes: 30+ Varietals from old vines of at least 65 years
of age

Aging: 12 months in new and used French Oak

Tasting Notes: Deep ruby color with hints of crimson
on the rim. The aromatic symphony begins with the strong scent of red berries,
with a suggestion of plums, raspberries and strawberries. There follow typical
spices of the ancestral Douro wines, such as rosemary and a touch of pink
pepper. The complex aromas of the forest and even of wildflowers are an
indication of the age of the wine. e tannins are well integrated and combine
structure and elegance in an incomparable symbiosis.

ABV: 14%  Decant: 2-3 hrs Serving Temp: 16-18 °C  Pairing: Charcuterie & Cheese


Price Includes a Gift Voucher valued at S$30.00 SGD per person -
Special Discounts Available on all curated wines at the dinner up to 18% Off



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