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Praelum Wine Bistro Wine Tasting Friday 5th August 4pm to 6pm - 8 Wines + Charcuterie Board

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Portuguese Wine Tasting @ Praelum Wine Bistro on 4 Duxton Hill Hosted by Co-Founder Luiz & Gustavo Pinheiro - Friday 5th of August 4pm to 6pm

8x Wines + Charcuterie +Cheese Board


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  • WINES:

    Wine 1: 2016 Cabriz Espumante (Sparkling - Vivino 3.7) Retail $43.50

    Wine 2: 2018 Adro da Se Encruzado (White - Vivino 3.9) Retail $43.50

    Wine 3: 2020 Cartuxa EA Rose (Rose - Vivino 3.7) Retail $39.50

    Wine 4: 2019 MAGMA Anselmo Mendes (White - Vivino 4.0) Retail $66.50

    Wine 5: 2019 Papo Amarelo (Red - Vivino 3.8) Retail $46.00

    Wine 6: 2018 Javali Red Capsule (Red- Vivino 4.0) Retail $73.50

    Wine 7: 2015 Cartuxa Reserva (Red - Vivino 4.5) Retail $108.00

    Wine 8: Javali Special Reserva Ruby Port (New Release) Retail $64.50

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    Wine 9: 2015 Quinta Dos Aciprestes | Grande Reserva | Talhao |T.N|Red | Doc Douro - Vivino Rating 4.6 Retail $169.50

    Wine 1: 2016 Cabriz Espumante (Sparkling - Vivino 3.7) Retail $43.50 

    Intro: From perfect proposals for everyday life, such as the “Selected Colheita” (red, white and rosé), to more premium wines, such as the white and red Reservas, Cabriz also presents wines that follow current trends, with the Biologics (white and red) and two varietals of the emblematic Touriga Nacional do Dão: a red with a young profile, and an innovative white wine, made with this red grape variety. The brand's portfolio is completed with a range of sparkling wines – icons of the brand and of the region – and a limited production liqueur.

    Region: Dao (D.O.C)

    Winery: Cabriz

    Grapes: Encruzado, Bical, Malvasia Fina

    Maturation: At least 18 months in wine cellar and 3 months in bottle after degorgement.

    Tasting Notes: It is a sparkling wine with a light yellow and citrus color, fine to medium bubble, very persistent. Citrus nose, not very complex, with light pastry and sap. Sweet touch with good freshness and lively finish.

    ABV: 12.0%  Serving Temp: 8 °C    Pairing: Excellent as an aperitif or to   accompany seafood, fish, grilled meat, and   various desserts.

    Wine 2: 2018 Adro da Se Encruzado (White - Vivino 3.9) Retail $43.50

    Intro: Adro da Se means entrance to the church due to the winery location being close to an ancient church. This wine is made from what is considered the queen of Portuguese white grapes in the Dao region, The ‘Encruzado’

    Region: Dao (D.O.C)

    Winery: UDACA

    Grapes: Encruzado

    Aging: After vinification & fermentation for 3 weeks the wine is bottled

    Tasting Notes: Very delicate, with notes of orange blossom, linden and lemon balm wrapped with fresh wood nuances where it aged. In the mouth it shows a fresh and mineral structure with exquisite harmony and persistence.

    ABV: 13.0%  Serving Temp: 10-12 °C  Pairing: Shellfish, Mild cheeses, Charcuterie,   Grilled fish, Smoked Salmon, Roast Chicken

    Wine 3: 2020 Cartuxa EA Rose (Rose - Vivino 3.7) Retail $39.50

    Intro: The EA range of Adega Cartuxa carries the founder's name, Eugenio de Alameida. These are wines that are easy drinking and offer immense value.

    Region: Alentejo (V.R)

    Winery: Cartuxa

    Grapes: Touriga Nacional, Syrah, Castelao

    Aging: The wine is kept in stainless steel vats until bottling

    Tasting Notes: Pale pink colour with salmon highlights.

    Very fruity, citrus aromas of candy and elegant notes of ripe strawberry stand out. In the mouth it is intense and full, with a marked acidity and full of fruit. Long finish, with volume and fruits like gooseberry and raspberry.

    ABV: 12%  Serving Temp: 8-10 °C  Pairing: Healthy fish dishes & poultry dishes or   at the start of a meal

    Wine 4: 2019 MAGMA Anselmo Mendes (White - Vivino 4.0) Retail $66.50

    Intro: Magma is made exclusively from the grape Verdelho. The vineyards are planted in the so-called ‘curraletas’ of Biscoitos, part of the landscape and heritage of the Terceira Island. 

    Region: Biscoitos, Acores (D.O.C)

    Winery: Anselmo Mendes

    Grapes: Verdelho (100%)

    Aging: 5 months ageing on fine lees with battonage

    Tasting Notes: Austere, pure, fresh and mineral nose. Mouth attack stressed and salty. Long and fresh mouth.

    ABV: 12.5%  Serving Temp: 10-12 °C  Pairing: Spicy Asian cuisine, Oysters, Tapas,   Green salads, White fish & meat, Lobster, tacos

    Wine 5: 2019 Papo Amarelo (Red - Vivino 3.8) Retail $46.00

    Intro: Papo Amarelo is the name of a common bird which is often seen in the south of Portugal amongst woods, gardens and vineyards.

    Region: Peninsula de Setubal (V.R)

    Winery: Adega de Pegoes

    Grapes: Castelao, Syrah, Aragones & Cabernet Sauvignon

    Aging: 12 months in French Oak barrels, followed by 4 months in bottle staging

    Tasting Notes: A dark deep red coloured wine. It has an intense nose with spicy notes and notes of wild berries, forest, and a touch of vanilla. In the mouth Taste of red and black fruits matures, with jam, soft in the mouth with very good tannins and structure, lingering after taste.

    ABV: 13.0%  Decant: 1hr  Serving Temp: 16-18 °C  Pairing: Spicy Asian cuisine,   Pork belly, Chorizo, Pasta

    Wine 6: 2018 Javali Red Capsule (Red- Vivino 4.0) Retail $73.50

    Intro: The Clos line at Quinta do Javali demonstrates the purity, respect and uniqueness of the expression of the Fonte do Santo terroir, in Ervedosa do Douro, from the vineyard to the glass. Our wine community is loving this wine many calling it a juicy ‘Pinot Noir’ style wine a rare profile for Douro wines.

    Region: Douro (D.O.C)

    Winery: Quinta do Javali  Vineyard: Clos Fonte do Santo (‘Stone’)

    Grapes: 30+ Varietals from old vines of at least 65 years of age

    Aging: 12 months in old French Oak barrels

    Tasting Notes: Ruby colour, like cap coloration. Nose with strong fruity expression of ripe red fruits, such as strawberries, blackberries and red plums. The location of the vines that originate the Red Capsule is responsible for a slightly longer maturation, causing the sensorial perception of more matured red fruits, with some very balanced structure. The minerality conferred by the terroir of Fonte do Santo allows an elegant tasting.

    ABV: 12.5%  Serving Temp: 14-16°C  Pairing: Paella, Grilled Fish, Roast Chicke

    Wine 7: 2015 Cartuxa Reserva (Red - Vivino 4.5) Retail $108.00

    Intro: This wine gets its name from the Cartuxa Monastery, where Carthusian monks lived in silence and prayer since 1598.

    Region: Alentejo, Evora (D.O.C)

    Winery: Cartuxa

    Grapes: Syrah, Touriga Nacional, Alicante Bouschet, Aragonez

    Aging: 15 months in new French oak barrels followed by 15 months in bottle prior to release

    Tasting Notes: Heavy garnet coloured wine. Balsamic, furniture wax, cherry, plum and sour cherry dominate the aroma of this wine, also associating notes of nutmeg. Very complex and dense, with great structure, firm tannins and excellent acidity. Long and elegant finish.

    ABV: 14.5%  Serving Temp: 16-18 °C  Decant: 1hr  Pairing: Mediterranean dishes,   Grilled Pork & Juicy Steaks.

    Wine 8: Javali Special Reserva Ruby Port (New Release) Retail $64.50

    Intro: When Antonios father-in-law bought the vineyards, it was to make Port wine just the way he liked them. The fully biodynamic range of Port wines were some of the best we tried in Portugal, the kind of wines where one glass was never enough.

    Region: Douro (D.O.C)

    Winery: Quinta do Javali

    Grapes: Tinta Roriz, Touriga Franca, Tinto Cão, Touriga Nacional and Tinta Barroca.

    Aging: Minimum 2 years in French Oak Barrels

    Tasting Notes: Intense ruby color. Nose dominated by red fruit notes with hints of ripe aromas of plums and figs alicorados. In the mouth, again find themselves aromas of ripe fruit, especially plums. The structure is engaging, with a presence worthy of a booking.

    ABV: 20%    Serving Temp: 14-16 °C  Pairing: Intense cheeses such as Roquefort and   Stilton. Poached Pears. Red fruit crumble. Dark   Chocolate Cake, Blackberry Cheesecake

    Wine 9: Quinta Dos Aciprestes | Grande Reserva | Talhao |T.N|Red | 2015 | Doc Douro - Vivino Rating 4.6 Retail $169.50

    Intro: Considered to be the star grape of Portugal, Touriga Nacional is one of the most planted grape varieties at Quinta dos Aciprestes. From all the individual parcels of Touriga Nacional at this Estate, number 14, which covers less than 2,5 acres, stands out for its low vigour, producing an immensely aromatic and concentrated red, which inspired us to do this outstanding limited edition.

    Region: Douro (D.O.C)

    Winery: Real Companhia Velha

    Grapes: Touriga Nacional

    Aging: 18 months in French Oak (70% old Oak, 30% new Oak)

    Tasting Notes: A Touriga that primes for elegance and a classic style with very intense citric and red fruit notes combined with hints of vanilla from its ageing. On the palate, reveals itself fine and elegant, rich in fruit flavours and a powerful and concentrated structure. Finishes clean and persistent with a very lively acidity.

    ABV: 13.5%  Serving Temp: 16°C  Decant: 1hr  Pairing: Roast Beef, Tuna Steak, Coq Au Vin

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    Overall I think your price is too high.