About Wine Adore

Our Mission


Founded by brothers, Luiz Pinheiro and Gustavo Pinheiro with a love for Portugal and South East Asia, Wine Adore was born. Our mission is to simply bring some of the incredible magic Portugal has to offer to your Food & Beverage business so that your guests can see it, feel it and taste it. We believe in sustainability and thus have ensured we have included many biological, organic wines to our selections, as well as the magical amphorae clay pot wines that truly captures the passion of wine makers who spend relentless hours perfecting a nearly forgotten ancient technique to making these very special wines.


Our Promise


We promise to bring you the very best, we truly mean it. In the search to discover the best wines and liquors Portugal has to offer, we have travelled through its gorgeous ancient cities and picturesque country villages. We have spoken to the local people within these communities and as a result visited many wineries and distilleries and literally tried each and every bottle on our on-trade wine and port selection. We hope you love our selection as much as we do.


Wine Adore Life Style 


At Wine Adore, we are about celebrating life, being enthusiastic about what we do, sharing new experiences and discoveries. The biggest gift you can give yourself is to be of service to others. Bringing them something unique and special to celebrate together in Singapore. This is the vibe that drives us.

Thank You